Real time data monitoring.

OilCare® Oil Collection's waste oil containment tanks are equipped with an optional web-based software package called the M3 (MMM) Data Management System. M3 makes it easier than ever for foodservice establishments to efficiently Monitor, Measure, and Manage their oil use and gain greater knowledge and control over their oil management processes and profits.

The M3 data system is EASY to navigate. Easy to understand graphic interfaces offer a wealth of data and reports. Because fry oil is an expensive commodity, change-out intervals affect cost, food quality, and the consistency of a brand. The M3 system works in concert with the waste oil systems and allows users to track usage and collection volumes and compare statistics daily, weekly, or monthly.

Automatic alarms are sent by email or text before the waste oil tank reaches “full” status and can automatically alert OilCare® Oil Collection to collect your oil. When needed, diagnostic warnings are sent simultaneously sent to the store and to OilCare® Oil Collection service technicians. Assignable reporting allows both store level and corporate management to receive data on each unit’s usage. Reports can be accessed at any time online.